Isaac Okoro

For Any Court

HOLO × Isaac Okoro

Rising NBA star and Cleveland Cavaliers forward Isaac Okoro has partnered with HOLO Footwear on a signature sneaker the IO: 01 available for purchase soon. In the meantime, catch the IO: 01 on social media and live during a Cavalier’s game!

Meet Isaac Okoro

An NBA rising star and Cleveland Cavaliers forward. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Isaac’s basketball journey began in elementary school, leading him to become a five-star recruit at Auburn University. Drafted by the Cavaliers in 2020, he’s established himself as a starting forward, captivating fans with his electrifying performances.
Off the court, Isaac embodies core values of FAMILY, GRIT, PURPOSE, LEADERSHIP, LOYALTY, and TOGETHERNESS. As an entrepreneur and community leader, he pioneers new ventures and uplifts those around him.
Partnering with HOLO Footwear, Isaac showcases his unique style and sets trends in fashion. Join us in celebrating Isaac Okoro, a true champion who embodies innovation, excellence, and making a difference.

About the HOLO IO

“We live in such a different world. I don’t know that shoes have to be sold for $35, but they don’t have to be sold for $200 to make a living. We swung the pendulum from one direction or another. There is a market for inexpensive basketball sneakers with design power and technology that can compete on and off the court.”
– Rommel Vega Co-founder and CEO.